Fuji Electric Flow Meter range

Flow measurement for liquids, water, gas and steam

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement For Air And Nitrogen, Fwd

Ideal for the management of the operating load rate of compressors, the supervision of the compressed air consumption in factories and detection of air leakage in plants, in Flnage, Screw and Wafer types

Clamp-on Ultasonic Flow Measurement For Steam

World's first clamp-on saturated steam ultrasonic flowmeter

Primary Element Flowmeter For Gas, Steam And Liquid

All type of flow elements for differential pressure flow measurement as one of the most widely used measurement principles in the industry

Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Liquids

Clamp-on and In-line types, developey by Anti-bubble measurement (ABM) system

Electromagnetic Flowmetr For Liquids

Simple and economical solution for conductive liquids